The strongest Karate, Shihaishinkai Karate is the ultimate fighting style


tarec saffiedine, mma, shihaishinkai, ufc, karate

Osu ! Our roots, Masutatsu Ōyama (Kyokushin) & Shigeru Oyama (World Oyama Karate).

tarec saffiedine, mma, shihaishinkai, ufc, karate

Osu ! Chairman & Founder Shihaishinkai

 Kancho Fernandez E

 Shihaishin "Domination of the mind"

SHIHAISHIN Kai is a complete fighting art created in 1986 by KanchoE. Fernandez. This art is further supported by Master Jean, 10th dan, and Master Claes, representative and pioneer of Kyokushinkai.

By designing realistic and simple techniques from which all superfluity has been removed, SHIHAISHIN is a martial method for which physical fitness is paramount.

The techniques are inspired by both Kyokushinkai, boxing, with projections and ground combat techniques.

The competition and all that it generates spiritually makes the SHIHAISHIN a complete martial art in every sense of the word.

The shihaishinkai adapts to all walks of battle.

The Strongest Karate,
The Shihaishinkai Karate is the Fighting style par excellence, this martial art long forgotten that was that of samurai with respect and Spirit that dominates all the situations of a warrior.

Shihaishinkai Karate - Real fighting style for all. Osu !


tarec saffiedine, mma, shihaishinkai, ufc, karate

Founder & Chairman

Kancho Fernandez

Technical Manager

Verin Fernandez

Representative of the country - Maroc

Noureddine Boukhanou

Representative of the country - Spain

Francisco Inocencio

+ 34 622 187 084

Secretary W.S.O.

Grade commission

Roquet Jean Pierre

+32 484027621

Representative of the country - Portugal

Jose Manuel Rodriguez

+ 351 934565765

Representative of the country - Ukraine

Yuri  sakyan

+380 660717125

European President


Noureddine Boukhanou

+212 0537525502

Representative of the country - Belgium

Mohamed Abdellati

+ 32 486 47 02 08

Representative of the country - Argentina

Ruben Alberto Braun

contact person

Belgium - Africa relationship

Mahla N.

+32 473509475